Pre-book Tyres

14572 ACB11 225/640-17 A53 (Supercar)
15588 ACB11 205/620/17 A24 (Supercar Lites)
15307 WET W534 210/635-17 ( All classes)
17809S Slicks 9.5/25.0-17 A49 (Open 2WD)
13766S Slicks 9.0/25.0-17 A49 (Open 2WD)
11396S Slicks 7.5/24.0-17 A49 (Open 2WD/2400)
12007S Slicks 7.5/23.0-16 A49 (Open 2WD)
Front Goldspeed C-9205 397
Front Goldspeed C-9211SD "Street Devil"
Rear Goldspeed C-9203 397
Rear Goldspeed C-9211 SD "Street Devil"
Front Maxxis C-9272 (Xtreme Junior)
Rear Maxxis C-9273 (Xtreme Junior)
13603M ACB11 A53 205/620-17
Other Dimensions
By ticking this box, you accept the pre-booking conditions.

Pre-booking conditions

By checking the box for booking conditions, the customer undertakes to pick out his pre-booked tire without the right of withdrawal at the selected competition. In order to be  guaranteed tires, the pre-booking must be received by us no later than 14 days before the competition takes place, apart from the first competition for the year when it is 42 days. Tires that are pre-booked and presumably not picked up, an administration fee of 20% for each tire will be charged. In the message field, you must enter the quantity of the tire models that you have marked that you want to pre-book for the selected competition, in order for the pre-booking to apply. Invoice recipients must also be indicated in the message box for the pre-booking to be approved.

Tires that are not specified in the list goes under "other dimensions" and must then be specified in the message box with size and rubber compound. These tires must be ordered at least 42 days before the competition in order to have them delivered to the selected competition.

Pre-book Tyres for competition