The Fullrace Rallycross Special rim is specially developed in a collaboration between Braid and HansenTyres to cope with the high stresses they are exposed to at the rallycross competitions. These rims are made with Full Flowcast technology.

Fullrace RX 

A unique manufacturing technique, only available in BRAID, to instantly manufacture The Fullrace Rallycross wheels in any width, without extra tooling nor large orders. Made with the Full Flowcast Technology, these wheels are specially designed for rallycross application.

Forged RX

Lightweight wheel to comply with FIA Rallycross Championship minimum weight, the Forged Rallycross 8x17” incorporates unique features, such as reinforced rim flange and 90° machined hump for tyre bead retention. Made with the Forged Technology for extra strength, stiffness and durability, it is designed specifically to withstand the exceptional rallycross application demands.

Fullrace TA Rally

Made with the Full Flowcast Tecnology for stiffness and lightness, the Fullrace TA 6x15" is designed to be used on different terrains without compromising its strength. Whether is soft gravel, tarmac or snow, this wheel, with its large inner profile for big brakes and accurate hump for easy tyre fitment,  is a tremendous help to accomplish specific goals.

Fullrace Maxlight Rally

Made with the Full Flowcast Technology, the Fullrace Maxlight is specially designed for tarmac rally and circuit application. The inner profile is optimised to accommodate large brakes while the clean multi-spoke line ensure lightness, strength and durability.

This is a selection of what rims we have to offer from Braid Wheels. Contact us to order rims adapted for your particular car.