Våra tjänster

Tire workshop

Here we perform wheel changes on cars, light trucks, motorhomes and trailers.

We help you change tires quickly and safely and always tryes to help if you have tire problems.


In workshop 1, we have a low-lifting scissor lift for fast tire changes on passenger cars and we have a conversion and balancing machine close at hand. Here we also have our wheel wash.

Wheel aligment

In 2018, a new Rav open front 4-pillar lift was purchased as well as a top off the line 4-wheel aligner to be able to offer high-class wheel alignment on both passenger cars and racing cars.

Here in workshop 2, we have the 4-pillar lift and wheel adjustment machine, here we also do tire changes on light trucks and motorhomes as the lift was equipped with 2 freewheel lifts to be able to lift all axles at the same time.

Tire storage

Here you can store your tires cool, dark, dry and freshly washed at our tire hotel. Come in with the car and we will take care of the rest. To make you remember when it's time to change tires, we will also send out a reminder shortly before. Through our tire service, we can also help you with wheel alignment, wheel washing and balancing of tires.

Today we have room for about 400 storage, but we are looking more closely at the possibility to expansion of tire storage, so the plans for rebuilding to be able to take in more are not far away.

Competition service

We also do tire service out at Rallycross competitions in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

We currently have a service and sales agreement with RallyX

through Cooper Tires.